Nashville Music City signs

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Nashville is home of Country Music and has earned the moniker Music City. With its central location and three major interstates coming through plus 8 hour drives to the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico  Nashville has become a boom town.   Nashville and Music City have become branded words to celebrate.     We have red, turquoise and bare metal Nashville and Music City signs. With or without lights. The capital letters are 17″ high and the Nashville is 70″ wide the Music City is 80″ wide. They are both 3″ deep or thick. The painted ones are $250.00 and the bare metal is $225.00.   We can also make these signs special order with whatever you want them to say.  Special orders signs are 275.00 for 10 letter maximum.  We also have smaller ones that are not lighted in Red Turquoise and bare metal. The capitol letters are 8″ high and Nashville is 43″ wide and Music City is 47″ wide, they are both 1″ deep or thick. We do not make the small ones special order.  These signs are made to be rustic and imperfect in a cursive old time style to give the impression they are vintage or old.   The bare metal signs vary in the amount of rust pattern. The painted signs are not always perfectly smooth. We can also make these signs special order with whatever you want them to say. Special order signs are 2750.00 for nine letters and 35.00 for each letter after up to 12.  We only make these signs in one font, cursive as seen in photos.